Welcome to our eco-friendly screen printing shop, nestled in the heart of sunny Central Florida! We are a husband and wife team, dedicated to providing high-quality, environmentally friendly screen printing services to our community.


Our story began when we realized the potential impact our actions have on the planet. With a passion for conscious living and a love for detail and custom designs, we embarked on a journey to create a screen printing business that is as eco-friendly as possible. We believe in leaving the smallest carbon footprint while delivering the highest quality products for our clients.


Living on a picturesque farm with our three amazing kids and our lovable dog, Hudson, we are constantly reminded of the beauty of nature and the importance of preserving it. Our tranquil farm life inspires us to create unique, creative, and sustainable designs for our clients that reflect the vibrancy and charm of Central Florida.


Here at our eco-friendly screen printing shop, we use only environmentally friendly inks that are free of hazardous materials, ensuring that our prints are better for both the environment and our customers. Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond our inks – we are also dedicated to using energy-efficient processes and materials to minimize our impact on the planet such as our shop being powered by solar.


We take pride in being a family-owned and operated business, working closely with our clients to bring their visions to life. We truly understand the meaning of community and aim to build strong relationships with our customers, providing them with high-quality, eco-friendly screen printing services they can trust.


Whether you need custom t-shirts for your business, unique merchandise to promote your brand, or personalized apparel for an event, our eco-friendly screen printing shop has got you covered. Every design we create is thoughtfully crafted, ensuring that your prints not only look fantastic but are also kind to the planet.


Thank you for choosing us as your go-to eco-friendly screen printing shop in Central Florida. We look forward to working with you on your next project and helping to create a brighter, greener future for our community and our planet.


Warm regards,

Scott & Tina Irwin and Family